The #1 PC Replacement:
Virtual Desktop on Raspberry Pi Thin Client

Cloud-delivered virtual desktops on lightweight Raspberry Pi thin client.

Equip your workforce with enterprise-grade virtual workspaces. Our solution helps you push further the benefits of a Desktop-as-a-Service solution without any compromises. Reduce spending on employee devices and simplify device management by replacing desktop computers with Raspberry Pi zero clients.


PC Fleet
Management is
Time Consuming

The three-year average lifespan for desktop computers leads to unnecessary cost and IT management operations. Recurring challenges for traditional employee device management:


There’s a better way to replace your office PCs than buying new ones.


VDI on Raspberry Pi is the Best PC Desktop Replacement Solution

Raspberry Pi 4 and Raspberry Pi 400 are lightweight devices that remotely access Windows virtual desktops in the Cloud. For only a fraction of the cost, the Raspberry Pi acts as a gateway to a Cloud-hosted workspace while supporting a full desktop experience.


Multiple device models available

Available on the Raspberry Pi 4 and the Pi 400

Built-in security

Considerably lower risk for data breaches as no data is stored on the thin client

Full desktop experience

Peripheral devices such as printers, cameras and microphones are fully supported

Dual Monitors Supported

Raspberry Pi zero clients support two full HD displays

User access management

All employee accounts are centrally managed and protected via Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Single-Sign On (SSO)

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Get the most out of a Desktop-as-a-Service solution


Get a Raspberry Pi

The first step to replace your PCs is to get Raspberry Pi’s. You can select your country/keyboard on their website and it will redirect you to the best reseller at your location.


Setup apexcybertech image for the RPi

You will learn how to install apexcybertech RPi zero client on your Raspberry Pi 4 with this tutorial. It’s straightforward and a step-by-step process.


Download apexcybertech for RPi

You can download the apexcybertech image directly from our website. Simply select the RPi 4 version and follow the instructions to set up the image.