apexcybertech: SaaS for ISV

Software as a Service to meet your customer needs.

You want an affordable cloud version of your on-premise software without deep IT expertise?

Providing a fast, reliable and secure SaaS solution will allow your applications to achieve their full potential and maximize recurring revenue as an ISV.

With apexcybertech SaaS for ISV solution, you will:


Provide a blazing fast SaaS version of your on-prem app without IT skills

Increase your recurring revenue and your margins considerably by migrating ISV applications to SaaS

Improve the stability and the cybersecurity of your ISV software with SaaS

If you are facing some of these challenges,

apexcybertech can help:

apexcybertech VDI  are the solution! 

With apexcybertech , you can:

Windows CALs and SQL Licensing

apexcybertech provides Windows, CALs and even SQL licensing if needed. We make it easy, simple and straightforward for your business to be up to date with valid licences when your ISV moving to SaaS.

Data Security Is Our Priority

Your client’s confidentiality is extremely important. With apexcybertech, your client’s data will remain safe and backed-up in a secure data-center.

There will be no need to manage your antivirus and firewall, apexcybertech automatically takes this task off your hands.


Unlimited Technical Support 7 Days A Week

apexcybertech technical support team prides themselves with top notch fast ISV to SaaS service. We support your staff 7 days a week by online chat, email and phone. We help you so you can provide seamless service to your end-users. All free of charge.


Better Reliability

apexcybertech monitors your computers 24/7 to guarantee a 99.95% Cloud availability. Our team of engineers get alerted when there is an issue so your work is uninterrupted.

Higher Performance

Gain access to the latest generation of datacenter hardware and witness performance gains from consumer-grade laptop and desktop computers.


Tell us your needs, we’re great listeners.