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Workspaces Community Edition

apexcybertech Workspaces CE is a no-cost version of the Professional/Enterprise container streaming platform for individual users, non-profit organizations, and businesses wanting to test the platform. Workspaces CE has nearly all the same features as the paid versions with community based support.

Containerized Workspaces

Stream desktops, browsers and applications directly to your browser. Deliver digital workspaces using our open-source web-native rendering technology to establish a modern devops-enabled delivery of our open-source docker image library.

No endpoint installation required.

Workspaces Developer API

The apexcybertech platform handles orchestration, end-user authentication, policy enforcement, logging, security, data loss prevention, and more. Use the Developer API to leverage apexcybertech Workspaces on the backend of your own applications.

Build your Vision

Simply drop in an iframe or a link to a streamed app, such as this example. For full control you can use the Workspaces Developer API to handle just about any use case. See our example Flask app that uses the developer API on the backend within a custom webapp.


No endpoint installation required.

Workspaces makes meeting SOC 2

Today’s remote work culture makes meeting SOC 2 compliance challenging for organizations. Using Kasm Workspaces allows your organization to provide employees, contractors, and others remote access to corporate resources from their own devices, while meeting SOC 2 security controls.

Federal/Defense Accreditation

Kasm Workspaces is widely deployed across Federal/Defense organizations. The Workspaces platform has applied security controls to meet stringent Risk Management Framework (RMF) hardening guidelines within the US Department of Defense (DoD) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).


No endpoint installation required.