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At ApexCyberTech, We specialize in unlocking seamless productivity through our innovative solutions.

Our managed services, like the Citrix Workspace solution, empower your workforce with secure, anytime, anywhere access to applications and data. Join us to elevate your business’s efficiency, collaboration, and flexibility today.apexcybertech makes it incredibly easy to deploy cloud-hosted virtual Windows desktops in less than 10 clicks. Our fully managed virtual desktop solution provides small business owners and IT managers more time to focus on core business initiatives.

Our apexcybertech desktop service is cost-efficient, fast, and scalable. Unlike other popular offerings, apexcybertech does not require in-depth training or certifications to deploy our desktops.

"ApexCyberTech's Citrix desktop solutions are perfect for..."

Independent Software Vendors

Wanting a apexcybertech version of their on-premise application without breaking the bank and deep IT expertise.

IT Managers

Looking to move their desktop infrastructure to the Cloud, cut VDI costs and simplify IT management.

Business Owners

Who want to use cloud hosted desktops to enable employees to work from home on their own devices without compromising security.

Managed Service Providers

Looking to add a cost effective, high margin virtual desktop solution and offering to their Cloud service portfolio.

The Best PC Desktop Replacement is virtual desktop software on Raspberry Pi

Equip your workforce with enterprise-grade virtual workspaces. Push further the benefits of a virtual desktop solution without any compromises. Reduce spending on employee devices and simplify device management by replacing desktop computers with Raspberry Pi zero clients.





Over the last five years, our scalable virtual desktop solution has served over 25,000 users. Thanks to our solid partnerships with worldwide recognized datacenters and our unique distributed architecture, we can offer cloud PCs to businesses of any size anywhere around the world.

apexcybertech Desktop Tailored For Your Needs

A Fully-Integrated virtual cloud desktop service Tailored for Businesses. Total Technical Support Included; No IT Skills Required.

Global Datacenters

We partner with worldwide high-tech datacenters so your users have fast access to cloud PCs wherever they are located.

Technical Know-How

You don't need to be tech-savvy to set up virtual machines in the cloud. Our technical support team will assist you 7 days a week.

Accessible Pricing

Say goodbye to hidden fees and long-term contracts. The price you see is the price you pay, no contract and no minimum order.


Our virtual desktop solution includes all you need from secure remote access, daily backups, antivirus protection and 24/7 monitoring.

This is Why 1000s Of Customers Love apexcybertech

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We’re 3 minutes away wherever you are in the world.

Not everyone is an expert and managing a cloud infrastructure can get complicated fast. Our fully integrated cloud desktop solution comes with fanatical customer support 7 days a week. Get in touch via chat, email & phone.

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Desktop Virtualization

Desktop Virtualization is simply the concept of replacing traditional physical desktop environments with remotely controlled computing environments.

Application Virtualization

Application virtualization refers to a software technology that lets its consumers use an application from a different device than the one on which it is actually installed.


To seamlessly adopt a VDI, many in-house IT teams are required to continually deploy, maintain, and manage the VDI environment. This is a highly sophisticated task for most in-house IT teams

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Cloud on the go


Cloud-based VDI for SME's

Welcome to Apexcybertech, where simplicity meets innovation. We’re not just about tech; we’re about making your digital journey extraordinary. Explore the Apexcybertech difference – where complete cloud solutions, fanatical customer service, and a commitment to your success come together. We’re not just a tech company; we’re your partners in navigating the digital landscape. Let’s redefine your digital experience, one byte at a time. Cloud journey like never before by deploying cutting-edge, cloud-based virtual desktops in just 20 minutes. 

Who Are We?

We’re a bunch of passionate folks who started Apexcybertech in 2024. Our mission? To take away all those pesky IT problems that keep you up at night. We want you to have a peace of mind, knowing your digital world is secure, always up to date, and accessible from wherever you are, on any device.

  1. Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t: Unlike others who might sell you a bunch of fancy tech stuff you don’t need, we’re all about simplicity. No hidden fees, no complicated contracts – just straightforward solutions designed for small and midsize businesses like yours.

  2. We’re Your Biggest Fans: Our customer service isn’t just good; it’s fanatical! We believe in treating you like a VIP, ensuring you get the support you need whenever you need it. Think of us as your friendly neighborhood tech superheroes, ready to swoop in and save the day.

  3. Remote Work Made Easy: Working from home or on the go? We get it. Our team works remotely too, so we understand the challenges. Our cloud solutions are tailored to make remote work a breeze – no matter where your office is for the day.

What Do We Do?

Envision us as your Business Caring Partner - we've got a tool for every tech challenge you might face.

Cloud Computing:

Need a virtual office in the cloud? We’ve got you covered. Our cloud infrastructure lets you access your files and apps from anywhere, making your work life more flexible than ever.

Development Services:

Got a unique idea for an app? Need a website that stands out? Our team is like a group of digital architects, ready to build and create exactly what you have in mind.

Digital Marketing:

Let’s get your brand noticed! From boosting your website’s visibility on Google to making waves on social media, we’re the wizards of the digital marketing realm.

IT Solution:

Whether it’s fixing those annoying backend issues, managing your databases, or making your website look sleek and modern, we’ve got the expertise to handle it all.

Why Opt for Apexcybertech's Virtual Desktop?

Global Reach, Local Expertise:

Experience the speed of global data centers strategically positioned for optimum accessibility. Wherever your users are located, our high-tech partnerships ensure lightning-fast access to your cloud PCs.

Technical Zen, Minus the Jargon:

Setting up virtual machines in the cloud shouldn’t require a tech encyclopedia. Our dedicated technical support team is your 7-day-a-week lifeline, ensuring smooth operations without the need for IT wizardry.

Transparency in Every Dollar:

Bid farewell to hidden fees and rigid contracts. At Apexcybertech, what you see is what you get – transparent pricing, no contracts, and no minimum order restrictions. Your budget stays in your control.